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Yoga for ultra-endurance athletes-image
Yoga for ultra-endurance athletes
Adventure racer Jason Magness swears by yoga before, after… and even during his races! Here he explains why yoga is a great tool to help you with your long endurance events. 2...
Choose the right sports bra -image
Choose the right sports bra
Dom Cadden - The right bra fitted correctly can make a massive difference to women’s comfort, breast health and even sports performance, according to re...
What's SUP?-image
What's SUP?
Stand up paddling superstar Jenny Kalmbach gives her essential tips for beginners who want to know what’s SUP. I knew so little about what it takes to be a stand up paddling (...

Healthy Cooking for Athletes-image
Healthy Cooking for Athletes
Dom Cadden –  Food is fuel for athletes – you want it to be top grade and on-hand. Make it happen by being prepared to cook up a variety of tasty and...
Pick your threads-image
Pick your threads
We all want to get down and dapper when we select new training gear, but often we have to factor in more than just the aesthetics. 2XU garments are carefully crafted from a range o...
Is your job a pain in the neck?-image
Is your job a pain in the neck?
Dom Cadden –  Recently I coached a guy who wanted a general strength and conditioning program with an eye to returning to high jumping. He complained a...