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Get smart about supplements-image
Get smart about supplements
Dom Cadden –  Watch TV or read magazines and you can fast become convinced that there are at least 20 supplements that are essential to perform well at...
Cycle through the Big Chill-image
Cycle through the Big Chill
Dom Cadden –  When it seems too cold to ride, think about people in cities like Minneapolis, where the winters are harsh and snowy, but the year-round ...
Speed and agility for football-image
Speed and agility for football
2XU’s Roger Fabri is a speed and agility trainer who has conducted training clinics for NFL teams such as the Dallas Cowboys, New York Jets, and San Diego Chargers. Footba...

Yoga for ultra-endurance athletes-image
Yoga for ultra-endurance athletes
Adventure racer Jason Magness swears by yoga before, after… and even during his races! Here he explains why yoga is a great tool to help you with your long endurance events. 2...
Choose the right sports bra -image
Choose the right sports bra
Dom Cadden - The right bra fitted correctly can make a massive difference to women’s comfort, breast health and even sports performance, according to re...
What's SUP?-image
What's SUP?
Stand up paddling superstar Jenny Kalmbach gives her essential tips for beginners who want to know what’s SUP. I knew so little about what it takes to be a stand up paddling (...