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Hot yoga, no sweat!-image
Hot yoga, no sweat!
Dom Cadden –  Yoga is (still) so hot right now, but is turning up the heat to 105°F going OTT? For any athlete who has turned up their nose at the ide...
Running with Your Dog-image
Running with Your Dog
Need a loyal training partner who will never let you down? Runner Nadia Ruiz tells us how to paw away at the miles with your dog.   The best thing about running with your dog...
The juice on juicing-image
The juice on juicing
Dom Cadden –  Feel like you’re drowning in a flood of claims and counter-claims about the latest trendy juices? Here we sort the pith from the sweet,...

Spring training program – conquer the half-marathon-image
Spring training program – conquer the half-marathon
Is this the summer you step up to a half-marathon? Here’s an 8-week training plan that helps you focus on quality training over quantity. [margin height="34"][/margin][border]...
Fat burning myths debunked-image
Fat burning myths debunked
Dom Cadden –  It would be great if even half the things you see about fat loss supplements were true, but the vast bulk of these claims come from sourc...
Improving batting power for baseball-image
Improving batting power for baseball
Dom Cadden –  What makes an elite baseball player hit the ball harder than a lower-level player? An Australian study published in the American College ...