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Runner’s gut-image
Runner’s gut
Dom Cadden -  So you like your runs, but you don’t like the trots – no-one does! ‘Runner’s gut’ can range from an uncomfortable bloating feeling...
Chumpy strength on board-image
Chumpy strength on board
Gravity, a steep mountain and hard-frozen might make for a quick ride on a snowboard, but for Alex ‘Chumpy’ Pullin, it’s never fast enough. Here the two-time Boardercross Wor...
Save thy Shoulders-image
Save thy Shoulders
Dom Cadden, Commonwealth Champion Powerlifter - @DomCadden Bench press, one of the three lifts in powerlifting, is hell for shoulders, but there are probably actions just as bad...

Knee Problems for Triathletes-image
Knee Problems for Triathletes
By Mike Leahy, founder of Champion Health Associates and inventor of Active Release Techniques®. At most Ironman races we have a team of ART providers who work at the race and ...
The power of plyometrics-image
The power of plyometrics
Dom Cadden, Commonwealth Champion Powerlifter - @DomCadden For years, plyometric training was largely shunned at all levels below the elite athletes as health industry/media spr...
Get a grip-image
Get a grip
Dom Cadden, Commonwealth Champion Powerlifter - @DomCadden It’s easy to see how grip strength is essential for sports like wrestling, basketball, baseball, strongman and all t...